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Most burglaries are opportunistic. If you have something of value on display and a criminal sees an easy route into your home that they can take undisturbed, then there’s a high risk that they will break in to your property. If you have something like motion sensing lights in place then a criminal will find it harder to break in without being noticed by your neighbors, or by anyone still in the property. It’s a small thing but it is something that is worth considering because it’s a low cost way of making your property less desirable to intruders. One of the main reasons it’s essential to get security guards for your enterprise is with regards to loss prevention. If too many people are coming into the establishment and therefore are taking items without paying for them, you’re gonna miss out on lots of money rather than making a decent income.

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If you have a 6 year old system from Front Point, then you are the one missing out.

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